FrSky MPM Lite


Multi-protocol for the X-Lite.

  • Add Multi-protocol capability to your X-Lite! 

    Utilizing 4 independant RF chips and an STM32 F1 ARM processor, the MPM-Lite allows you to control many popular aircraft from different manufacturers using the FrSky X-Lite transmitter. 


    • MPM-Lite Tx Module
    • Antenna


    • Dimensions: 62.4x30x14.5mm
    • Weight: 21g
    • Operating Current: 180mA@3.3V
    • Interface: USB Micro
    Chip ManufacturerRF ChipExample Protocols
    Cyprus SemiconductorCYRF6936DSM/DSMX Walkera Devo J6Pro
    Texas InstrumentsCC2500FrSky Futaba SFHSS
    AmiccomA7105FlySky/AFHDS2A Hubsan
    Nordic SemiconductorNRF24L01HiSky Syma ASSAN most other Chinese brands

    Note: The MPM-Lite is Not a plug and play module. If you do not fully understand how to flash the firmware to this module, we highly suggest studying the link at the end of this paragraph before purchasing. The required firmware to operate the MPM Lite is not pre-flashed from the factory. You can find that firmware and more information here.