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FrSky Neuron Series ESC's

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Telemetry, 7A BEC, Heatsinks, BL Heli. Definitely worth a look....

  • Unique and feature packed, FrSky's Neuron 32bit ESC's deliver telemetry from numerous on-board sensors (Current, voltage, RPM, wattage, temperature), are capable of running DShot, have a voltage adjustable BEC (5~8.4V in .1V increments) which can deliver 7 amps of output and the whole shebang is protected within dual aluminum heatsinks.

    Here's a link to the instruction manual.

    A cautionary note:

    If you are going to use a standalone BEC with a Neuron ESC you must disconnect the 5v + wire from the servo plugs so they do not make contact with the + voltage from the Neurons BEC; you must remove the positive wire from the Smart Port plug as well as the PWM or you will create sparks. FrSky also mentions in the instructions, to remove the positive 5v wire from any USB adapter you may use for programming or it will cause the ESC to "not work normally". For more information about USB / BLHeli32 programming review the instruction manual (link above).

    It is suggested that you remove the center pin from the Smartport connection as this could supply power to your receiver should the normal PWM (throttle) connection on your receiver be removed. This load may damage the receiver as it would be powering the servos via the Smartport, something it is not designed to do. See graphic below:


    • Smart Port enabled and equipped with telemetry sensors
    • ESC Telemetry data: Voltage, Current, RPM, Power Consumption, Temperature
    • SBEC Telemetry data: Output Voltage, Current.
    • High performance 32-bit micro-processor
    • High-precision current sensors; ACS781KLRTR-150U-T(Resolution 125mA, Precision ±2%) and ACS711KEXLT (Resolution 50mA, Precision ±2%)
    • Over-temperature and over-current protection
    • SBEC supports 7A @ 5~8.4V (Adjustable through via LUA script or through FreeLink App with Airlink S)


    • Telemetry features work with FrSky Smartport enabled receivers (Most X, S and R series.)
    • Can be used with any radio system as a standalone speed control, no telemetry


    Dimensions59x33x17mm  (2.3x1.3x.66in)
    Weight58g  (2oz)
    Input Voltage 3~6s
    SBEC Voltage - Adjustable5~8.4V (In increments of 0.1V)
    Neuron 40 Continuous Current 40 Amps  (60 Amp Peak)
    Neuron 60 Continuous Current60 Amps  (100 Amp Peak)
    Neuron 80 Continuous Current 80 Amps  (120 Amp Peak)