FrSky R-XSR Tiny 16 channel with Redundancy

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FrSky pushes the limit once again, the took the popular XSR receiver, shrunk it down, added replaceable antennas and ability to add a satellite receiver. Wow!
  • This tiny little receiver weighs just 1.5 grams, yet still packs all of the great features of its predecessor, the XSR. SBUS, CPPM, full range, full telemetry, Smart Port to add sensors. 

    This alone would have made it very popular, but FrSky added 2 new items to the mix. The antennas are no longer soldered on, so if you damage an antenna you can plug in a new one. The next new item is mind blowing considering the tiny size, you can add a second receiver for receiver redundancy! When used with another receiver like the XM+, you will have a second receiver you can fall back to should the first receiver fail to make connection to the radio. This is great when you have a lot of metal, battery or carbon in your airframe. The second receiver can be anything that can supply channels via SBUS, so a secondary RF system could be used. 

    Here are the specs:

    • Dimensions: L x W x H:  16 x 11 x 5.4mm (.63 x .43 x .21")
    • Weight:  1.5 grams
    • Number of channels: 16(S-Bus) : 8(CPPM)
    • Operating Voltage: 3.5 - 10V Operating 
    • Current: 70mAh @ 5V
    • Firmware is upgradable
    • Compatibility: FrSky X Series modules and transmitters in D16 mode

    Note: Problems with Sbus? If you hold down the F/S button for too long, it will switch from SBUS to CPPM mode. Long press the F/S button for 4 seconds again and you should be back in SBUS mode.

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