FrSky R9 Long Range Rx

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900 MHZ long range receiver 

  • Welcome to FrSky's first long range flight control system. This listing is for the R9 long range receiver module, which is only compatible with the R9M transmitter module. 

    At 1 Watt the R9M-R9 combo have an operating range of approximately 10km (6.21mi) or more on a good day. To provide redundancy and or additional range the R9's "SBUS in" port can be used as a satellite receiver communications port. Any FrSky X series receiver can be used as a satellite receiver.  Firmware can be upgraded.

    Note: Ships with the upgraded antennas.

    Operating Range 10km or Above
    Module Compatibility R9M
    Dimensions 43.3 x 26.8 x 13.8mm
    Weight 15.8g
    Operating Voltage DC 4V-10V
    No. of Channels 8 PWM or 16 SBUS
    Current Consumption 100mA @ 5V