FrSky R9 MM

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Teeny tiny Rx with a huge 6+ mile range.

  • The newly released R9MM receiver is pretty darn small and retains the majority of the features of the R9 Mini. It still has super low latency, high precision and a very low mass. The most important new feature is that the S-Bus port has been inverted to make the R9MM compatible with a wider range of external devices. 

    Below is a list of features and specifications for the R9MM.


    • 915MHz (Non-EU Version)/ 868MHz(EU Version)
    • Very small and superlight weight
    • Inverted S.Port 
    • S.Port enabled and support telemetry data transmission
    • (Support F.Port, download firmware to support the function)
    • Low latency and high precision
    • With RSSI output in SBUS
    • Battery voltage detection supported
    • Detachable Ipex connector antenna


    • Dimension: 16*10*2.8mm (L×W×H)
    • Weight: 1.1g (including antenna)
    • Number of Channels:
    • Non-EU Version: 4/16CH (Telemetry)
    • EU Version: 4/8CH (Telemetry) / 4/16CH (Telemetry) / 4/16CH (No Telemetry)
    • Operating Voltage Range: DC 3.5V – 10V
    • Operating Current: 100mA @ 5V
    • Operating Range: Up to 10km or more
    • Compatibility: R9M and R9M Lite