FrSky R9 Slim Receiver

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A compact, lightweight companion to the R9M.
  • If you fly quads and have been interested in trying FrSky's R9M TX module but the R9 receiver was just too big; the R9M Slim may be just the thing to help you achieve that solid radio link. 

    Transmitters and receivers are really put to the test when flying low and close to terra firma. While FrSky's ACCST protocol is one of the most reliable in the business, sometimes there is no substitute for horsepower. If your flying through bandos, near cell towers, while bathed in interference or just pushing distance, more transmitting power is going to help maintain a solid radio link.

    The R9 Slim also has 6 PWM outputs and can be utilized in other aircraft and vehicles where space is a valuable commodity.

    To peruse the user manual click here.


    • 900MHZ 
    • Smaller and lighter than R9
    • Lower latency and high precision
    • Supports redundancy function
    • Smart Port enabled and supports telemetry data transmission
    • Battery voltage detection
    • With RSSI PWM output


    Dimensions30x13.4x5mm (1.1x.5x.19in)
    Weight3.2g (.11oz)
    Channels6-PWM 16-SBUS
    Operating VoltageDC 3.5V-10V
    Operating Current100mA@5V
    Operating Range10+km (6.2+mi)
    CompatibilityR9M module

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