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FrSky R9M Lite

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900MHz Long Range Module for the X-Lite.

  • Designed specifically for the X-Lite, the R9M Lite gives your X-Lite transmitter extended range, low latency and high precision.

    900MHz signals circumvent obstacles and propagate through the atmosphere considerably better than 2.4GHz. Using the 900MHz band allows for a stronger radio link when when your flying close to terra firma, in and around objects; or it can allow for a solid LOS radio link far beyond what 2.4ghz can manage using the same output power.


    • Firmware upgradable on Taranis X-Lite
    • Telemetry data transmission supported
    • Long Range, Low Latency and High precision RC system
    • Works with all R9 series recievers


    62.4mm × 30mm×14.5mm
    Number of channels
    16 channels
    Operating Current
    RF Operating Frequency
    900MHz (915MHz/868MHz)
    RF Power
    100mW (with telemetry)
    RX Compatibility
    All R9 series receivers
    TX CompatibilityX-Lite only