FrSky Redundancy Bus RB-20

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More channels, more redundancy.

  • The FrSky RB –20 is a redundancy module that utilizes 2 receivers and 2 batteries to provide you with total peace of mind when flying your models. The RB-20 has a higher operating current and thus supports high-current servos. One of the best improvements to the RB-20 is that it is now able to switch telemetry automatically between RX1 and RX2.

    You can run your servos directly from the RB-20 and recieve complete protection from voltage overloads. The RB-20 supports FrSky Smart Port telemetry and provides telemetry feedback for voltage and overload indications.


    • Multi-channel output
    • Higher operating current (The current is twice as big as RB) and supporting high-current servos
    • Automatically selected telemetry between RX1 and RX2: decide on/off of telemetry on RX1 and RX2 through RX1 S.P and RX2 S.P
    • High voltage servo supported
    • Overload protection on each channel
    • Compatible with other FrSky S.Port products
    • Dual power and dual receiver
    • Integrated S.Port telemetry feedbacks (voltage, current, capacity, overload indication, etc.)
    • Settable servo signal output period: 50Hz of servo outputs (20ms period) or equal to the input of SBUS cycle


    • Recommended input voltage range: DC 4~8.4V (1~2s Lipo or 4~6s NiMH)
    • Number of servos: up to 15
    • Operating temperature: -20℃~75℃
    • Weight: 37g
    • Dimension: 77×43×22mm