FrSky S8R - Receiver with Stabilizer

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FrSkys' all in one receiver and 3-axis stabilizer.

  • Disclaimer - We consider this product to be complex to use and do not recommend it as your first FrSky receiver. We do not recommend it for beginners for this reason.  

    The FrSky S8R adds 3-axis stability to your winged aircraft. In addition to stabilizing standard planform aircraft, the receiver also can stabilize flying wings, as well as aircraft equipped with V-tails. 

    The S8R stabilizing parameters can be configured in the field using your FrSky transmitter or by connecting the S8R to your PC using the optional STK usb adapter. The S8R can also function as a typical 8 channel receiver by turning off stabilization. 

    To learn more about this receiver we highly recommend you visit this page: S6R and S8R configuration questions and concerns


    • 3-Axis gyroscope and 3-Axis Accelerometer
    • RSSI PWM output (0≈3.3V) 
    • Smart Port enabled
    • Firmware is upgradable

    NOTE: May not be compatible with early Taranis radios, Taranis Plus radios and all other FrSky transmitters are fine.

    Dimensions 47x24x15mm (LxWxH)
    Weight 13.2g
    Operating Voltage DC 4V≈10V
    No. of Channels 8
    Current Consumption 100mA@5V
    Operating Range Full Range
    Gyroscope Measurement Range ±2000dps
    Accelerometer Measurement Range ±4g
    PWM Output Voltage 0≈3.3V, 100HZ, 1500±500uS