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FrSky Smart Port to UART Converter (SP2UART)

The FrSky Smart Port to UART converter plugs into the Smart Port on your X series receiver and allows you to send and receive data for external devices over the FrSky radio link. Think of it as a modem between your aircraft and your transmitter.

FrSky Smart Port to UART Converter (SP2UART)

FrSky Smart Port to UART Converter (SP2UART) - (A) Host

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FrSky Smart Port to UART Converter (SP2UART)

FrSky Smart Port to UART Converter (SP2UART) - (B) Remote

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  • The SP2UART is a little hard to explain, but it is basically a modem that can send and receive data using the FrSky radio link to your aircraft. We have had users using this function on robotics applications as well as a number of very interesting custom sensor packs onboard their aircraft. The SP2UART allows you to transmit data without the need for yet another radio connection to the aircraft. We are sure there will be a lot of very interesting applications our customers will find for this unique FrSky capability.

    Default Baud Rate is 300 bps, 8N1, no parity and can be reconfigured to 600, 1200, 2400, 4800 or 9600 bps (Note, the tool for adjusting the baud rate does not yet exist!)

    Normal and high capacity modes are available (high capacity limits Smart Port uses for other sensors).
    To enable data transmission on Smart Port, the Host (Type A) and Remote (Type B) devices must be used as a pair and set to the same capacity mode.

    There are also 2 ADC ports. 

    Dimensions 44 x 15 x 7mm
    Weight 3g
    Operating Voltage 4 - 10v
    Current Consumption 20mA @5V
    Module Compatibility FrSky Smart Port enabled receivers such as the X8R, X6R, X4R, etc.
    ADC Input Range 0 - 3.3v