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FrSky SP-150A - Smart Port 150 Amp Sensor

FrSky SP-150A - Smart Port 150 Amp Sensor


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FrSky SP-150A - Smart Port 150 Amp Sensor

Quick Overview

This telemetry sensor reads the amps your aircraft is consuming and transmits the data back via the FrSky Smart Port telemetry system. This sensor requires an X series receiver. Will not work with V8 or D series.

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The FrSky Ampere Sensor (SP-150A) can measure Current (A) when connected between a Battery and ESC. This sensor requires a Smart Port enabled receiver like the X8R or other X series receivers.

Weight: 20g
Measurement range: 0~150A
Maximum safe current: 150A
Sensor current consumption: 35mA@5V
Operational Voltage: 4 - 10 VDC (from receiver)
Accuracy: 2% @ 25°C 

Easy installation, the coil slips over the positive lead before your speed control, note the direction of the arrow on the coil sensor, the arrow must face towards the speed control. Your Taranis must be bound to an X series receiver is D16 mode. Plug the sensor into your receiver Smart Port, and you are ready to use this sensor. You will then define how your Taranis uses this data. 

  1. Awesome Sensor! review by CyborgCNC on 10/24/2014

    This thing is AWESOME! I hooked it up to my main battery lead for my Tarot 650 to give me the total current, and total mAh from the battery. Received telemetry with no issues on my Taranis. Monitoring the mAh given up by the battery, I then charged the battery, and the mAh the charger put back on my 4S where within 5mAh!!! This thing is ACCURATE! No need for any calibration. Hookup is a breeze with a sPort Receiver like the X8R..Highly Recommended!

  2. So easy to use! review by Larry on 10/12/2014

    I slipped this onto the positive wire of the ESC on my 90mm EDF, then plugged the data wire into the s-port of the on-board battery voltage monitor (SP-FLVS). I selected "FAS" for current metering, even though this isn't an FAS meter - it was the best option to choose. I then requested consumption (mAh) and power on the Taranis telemetry screen. Far out! It worked without any trouble at all! A quick run-up of the fan and I was rewarded with the full picture of on-board power use. I couldn't be any happier, especially after having no end of trouble with the FAS100 sensors.

  3. Excellent sensor. Very accurate review by R.Scott on 7/14/2014

    I like this sensor because it's out of the way when connecting batteries as it's not part of the plug assembly. I spend a couple weeks checking the accuracy and I'm very pleased. The Taranis with OpenTX does have the ability to set a correction offset, but I have not needed to. Prospective customers must be aware that this amp meter will NOT give voltage as the inline amp meters do - so VFAS does not work with this amp meter. No problem - just use a SP-FLVS.

    Service from this company is absolutely top notch.

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