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FrSky Tandem X20


This is a PRE-BUY! Will ship them ASAP once the radios arrive from FrSky. 

FrSky's new Flagship radio is packed with great features and fits your hands like no other!

  • This is a PRE-BUY! Your order will ship ASAP once the radios arrive from FrSky. We are limiting our pre-buy to the number of radios FrSky has reserved for us. Other dealers may be selling to empty promises.

    FrSky has extended the development period slightly to ship a very refined product, we are talking with them everyday to keep current on the status of these radios, but they are getting close to releasing. Shipping may take sometime to reach us.

    Ok - My job is to introduce you to this new radio by FrSky. I think I have to start with my first impression, it feels great! Dang they did a great job on the ergonomics! Thin, light and and everything just feels right at home. It is hard to describe, but they nailed it. We have handed our test radio to a number of customers, some never held a FrSky radio and they all agreed they love it. Big rubber grips on the back, easy to get to the switches, 2 push buttons on the back, side sliders, even the location of the trim switches is a natural position. If that was not enough, on the X20S and X20HD versions you can rotate the axis of the gimbal to justify the orientation you like. (We have not played with this version yet, but coming soon.)

    Powered by Ethos!

    Let's face it, a radio that feels good in our hands is no good if I can't program our planes, and this has been a weakness FrSky has been trying to crack for years. First they introduced us all to OpenTX with their first radio, the Taranis. It was this new wild and wooly programming environment that that brought us all kind of new abilities. This was both a blessing and a curse. Some people just hated the logic based programming of OpenTX, so FrSky introduced FrOs on the Horus radios, this was a much easier menu driven system, but lacked the pure power of OpenTX. Ethos manages to bring us very powerful features but also introduces us to a much easier to use system at the same time, no easy task.

    With Ethos you have a very open structure where you can add your own model pictures and audio files to tailor the radio to your style, yet the programming is easier and actually helpful as it provides "tips" to guide you as you program. It features a very nice setup Wizard as well as preset and custom mixing options. Here are a few screen shots to give you a bit of a feel.

    The Configurable Home Screen


    New Model Setup Wizard


    In the Wizard


    First page of Model Settings


    Part of the Aileron Mix options should you want to fine tune further.


    Global Variables, Flight Modes, Logic Switches, and Special Functions allow you to really go crazy.


    That is just a taste of things. You also have LUA scripting for those really complex tasks. 

    Speaking of anything, I still haven't told you everything. (I don't think we have the space here to tell you everything.) I'd really fail you if I didn't mention the wonderful color screen on this radio. The 800 x 480 pixel screen is easy to read  even in direct daylight, what good would it be otherwise? That added resolution looks great! But FrSky didn't stop there, they also added a SUPER nice touch screen, and unlike some others in the hobby, this one is fast and accurate, thanks to the much larger CPU FrSky has built into this radio. What, you hate touch screens, or you run a nitro engine and hate messing up the screen? No problem because you can fully navigate Ethos via the scroll wheel and navigation buttons. 

    We think you will really like Ethos. If you have a windows computer, you can download the Ethos simulator from here and give it a try: http://ethos.frsky-rc.com/ It is far nicer on the radio, but you can dig deeper into it than I can explain here.

    More about the X20 radios, yep still more to share!

    You may have noticed the back of the radio says TANDEM. This radio has both 2.4gHz and 900MHz built right in. In the near future we will see Tandem receivers that work on both frequencies also. This makes the RF link with your receiver almost impossible to break. 

    Speaking of receivers, you can pick from the following FrSky protocols and frequencies: 

    • 2.4gHz ACCST (D16) version 2 and beyond
    • 2.4gHz ACCESS
    • ACCESS on the R9 (900MHz)
    • and the new Tandem Receivers on both 2.4 and 900 when they are released

    Another item I really like on the X20 radios is the USB-C port. Built in charging from the USB-C as well as computer connectivity from a single, simple to use port. Just plug into any 2 amp or higher USB power source and you are charging the included 4000 Li Ion Battery Pack. Yes, 4000mah to keep you running a good long time!

    I have to mention the 6-axis Gyroscope Sensor, this is just icing on the cake, and I suspect many will never use it, but this gyro can be used to trigger things, or control things. One example would be switching to 3D rates when you hold your radio is a certain position. Or perhaps you want to use it to control the nose wheel of a plane, after all, we have all seen that guy on takeoff that tries to steer his plane back onto the runway with a bunch of body language and rotating of his transmitter... Now you can! LOL

    As always you can assign anything function to any switch, gimbal or input that you like, and can even build mixes off of your sensor data.

    For those that may be new to FrSky, you will be getting probably the most robust telemetry system ever built into a hobby level radio. From simply voltage and signal strength monitoring that has saved countless accidents to advanced features like monitoring amp loads for an individual servo, fuel flow sensors, air speed, and so much more. You will not find a better telemetry system in the hobby.

    Here are a few more high lights:

    • 24 Channels
    • 6 Quick-Mode Custom Buttons on lower front
    • 2 Momentary finger tip Buttons on the rear
    • External Module Bay for other RF options, etc (Lite Type)
    • Haptic Vibration Alerts and Voice Speech Outputs
    • High-speed PARA Wireless Training System (Compatible with FreeLink App 3.0)
    • Built-in Bluetooth Audio on S and HD versions (Compatible with wireless headphones and some hearing aids!!)
    • High-Precision Hall-Sensor Gimbals with CNC Metal Panel (10 Ball-Bearings, Adjustable 45 Degree Travel and 8 Degree Rotatable for S and HD versions)
    • HD version includes Digital Video Transmission System (720p 60fps) that can display on the screen.

    Included in the package:

    • Soft Sided EVA Travel Case
    • 2 cell 4000 Li Ion Battery Pack
    • X20 Tandem Transmitter

    Additional items included with Combo version:

    • R8 Pro Archer receiver
    • R9MX Receiver 
    • Clip on Side Hand Supports