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FrSky Taranis Backboard with internal XJT module

FrSky Taranis Backboard with internal XJT module


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FrSky Taranis Backboard with internal XJT module

Quick Overview

Replacement Backboard and internal XJT module for the Taranis transmitter by FrSky.

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Replacement Backboard + internal XJT module from FrSky.

This is a replacement Backboard + internal XJT module as used on the Taranis. Requires good soldering skills to solder on a new antenna. Not recommended for average user, please contact Aloft if you require repair service on your Taranis.

This is the board attached to the backside of the Taranis case. It includes things like the USB, Audio and Trainer ports as well as the internal XJT module and SD card slot. Your existing antenna must be unsoldered to remove your existing backboard, and this replacement board can then be installed and the antenna connection will need to be soldered on. This soldering process requires GOOD soldering skills to avoid damaging your new board.

  1. Oops review by Charles on 2/28/2015

    Cooked my last one since I tried to do an antenna mod when my varying temp iron was broken. Wane saved the day yet again. Installed antenna mod soldered on, this time with the right iron. Tested with immersion rc power meter was putting out 100mw. Works like i never broke it.

  2. Had a bad board. Wayne diagnosed backboard and warranteed it, yea!!! review by DanielMar on 2/4/2015

    Been extremely happy to find out my Taranis will be fixed under warranty. I cannot say enough about Wayne and his company support. If you are thinking of buying FrSky you really should buy it here. Besides the support, his company usually processes orders and ships really fast.

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