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FrSky Taranis Power Switch (with 2000mAh charger circuit)

FrSky Taranis Power Switch (with 2000mAh charger circuit)

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FrSky Taranis Power Switch (with 2000mAh charger circuit)

Quick Overview

Replacement power switch for the Taranis transmitter by FrSky.

Regular Price: $7.00

Special Price $6.72

Availability: In stock


High quality OEM replacement switches from FrSky that includes the NiMH 2000 mAh charge circuit. This unit can be used to upgrade early "A" model Taranis radios to have the "B" model Taranis charge circuit that supports longer charge times when used with the upgraded 2000mAh battery. ("A" model radios will charge with a steady green LED, but this newer charge circuit will start the charge with a flashing green LED, and it goes steady when the battery is being charged, and turns off when done.)

This is power switch module as used in the Taranis, it will not work in the Taranis Plus.

  1. Easy fix on a Modular Transmitter review by Paul on 5/9/2015

    My Taranis was purchased in Jan2015 and its charging circuit went bad after a week. Not enough to stop me, but annoying. It would charge the NiMh battery but not regulate the charge or operate the green LED; the battery would get really warm if you did not control it manually. The original circuit board was identified with"SwBoard_Rev1.1.1". The one supplied here was labelled "SwBoard_Rev1.1"

    Replacement takes 1/2 hour if you are slow and careful. You may want to look at other youtube videos on how to open the case while retaining Switches E and G on the front half of the case. Be sure to lift off the 3 cables using the little ears at the end of each connector.

    Most hobbyists are accustomed to sending transmitters to the manufacturer for repair, and this is a huge waste of freight costs and time. A big THANK YOU, Thank you, to Aloft Hobbies, for stocking these parts for a beautifully designed, modular transmitter, so we can repair issues & get back to our hobby with little downtime!

  2. Very easy to intall - worthwhile upgrade!! review by Kristian on 12/26/2013

    No soldering required.
    Anti-static precautions are recommended, you can never be too careful.
    Remove the screws from the back of the Taranis, unplug the white ribbon cables from the back of the LCD/switch board at the lower half and open from the bottom so the back of the case swings over the antenna.
    Four screws hold the board onto the fascia, 3 sets of plugs need to be removed. BE CAREFUL!! The two smaller plugs are locking types so DO NOT pull them out by the wires.
    You will need to use a small flat blade screwdriver to release them from the sockets, open up the split side of the socket and remove the plug.
    The other, larger cable/plug is easily removed.
    Make sure the power switch aligns with the plastic slider and reassemble.
    As usual, Aloft are on the ball with this stuff, took two days for this along with the 2000mAh pack to arrive in Virginia.

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