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FrSky TFR4SB - 3 to 16 Channel FASST Compatible Receiver w/ S.Bus

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The FrSky TFR4SB is an excellent 3/16 channel receiver that is compatible with the Futaba FASST series radios and features an S.Bus port.

  • Finally an affordable S.Bus reciever. Not only is it affordable, but FrSky offers improved sensitivity and stbility for better comunications with your transmitter. Don't let the lower prices fool you, FrSky is puting out some of the world's best R/C radio gear today.


    FASST 2.4G Air Systems (7CH Mode/Multi Mode): 6EX, 7C, TM-7, TM-8, T8FG, T10C, TM-10, T10CG, T12Z, T12FG, TM-14, T14MZ, etc.

    FASST 2.4G Surface Systems (C1 Mode): 3PK, 4PK, etc.

    Compatible with Futaba and FrSky S.Bus servos.

    SB port - No receiver channel limitations except what your transmitter is capable to sending. Also prevents mismatched servo channel connections.
    Two selectable failsafe options - Use transmitter failsafe, or receiver failsafe.
    Improved sensitivity and stability.
    Wider and higher operating temperature range, suitable for all kinds of models.


    Note: Be sure that battery or BEC can meet the capacity requirements of your servos.

    Futaba is trade name and/or trademark of their respective companies and are not products of FrSky Electronic Co., Ltd.

    Dimensions 41 x 24 x 6mm
    Weight 6.0g/4.2g (naked)
    Operating Temperature -10℃~ 80℃
    Operating Voltage DC 3.5V ~ 10V
    No. of Channels 3 - 16
    Servo Frame Rate 14ms (FS - Normal Speed Mode), 7ms (HS - High Speed Mode)