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FrSky XHT - DIY Telemetry Module

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Breathe some new life into your old radio. 

  • If you remember the old DHT module that allowed you to convert almost any vintage radio to 2.4Ghz then say hello to it's  replacement, the XHT. Unlike its predecessor which could only work with V and D series receivers, the XHT can operate in D8, D16, and even LR12 via two small configurable switches. 

    Out of the box it comes with ACCST firmware (v1) and is Smart Port enabled allowing for full telemetry and firmware updates. It can even automatically determine antenna condition, giving audible alerts if anything is wrong. We think these will be great for those with radios with no module bay or for those with vintage radios they want to give a new life.


    Operating Voltage6 - 15V
    Operating Current140mA @6V, 80mA @12V
    Output Power≤ 100MW
    ModulationsPXX or CPPM (auto detected)
    ModesD8, D16, LR12 (selectable)
    Telemetry InterfaceSmart Port
    Upgrade InterfaceSmart Port
    Antenna TypeExternal
    Max ERP/IERP≤ 20 dBm
    RF Frequency (ies)2405-2474 (TX/RX)