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Radio Control for your Simulator!

  • Is it ironic that we need to plug a USB cable into our "RC" transmitters to fly in a computer sim?

    We think so, and that's why we asked FrSky to build this for us; and they did!

    The XSR-SIM provides an additional degree of freedom by allowing us to get rid of the USB cable. It functions very similarly to a Rx, in this case, an XSR. It works like this; create a model in your Tx specifically for the simulator and then bind that model to the XSR-SIM. Instead of sending signals to the servos, the XSR-SIM sends signals into the computer via the USB port.

    Setting up the XSR-SIM is about as difficult as setting up a simple 4 channel aircraft. Of course, you can make it more complicated if you wish, as the XSR-SIM has eight proportional channels and eight switched channels to play with.

    So kick back, fly your sim, and don't worry about the cord.

    FrSky has made a helpful "how to setup" video you can see here.



    • Compact design
    • Low power requirements: typically 55mA
    • Compatible with FrSky transmitters and module systems (Mode D16)
    • Compatible with popular simulators (Velocidrone, DRL, LiftOff, Freerider, HotProps, etc.)  Does not work with PhoenixRC
    • 8 proportional channel and 8 switch channel output (set on the transmitter side)
    • Firmware upgradable (through the S.Port)


    • Dimensions: 48.2x19.1x9.2mm
    • Weight: 6.2g
    • Compatible with FrSky Transmitters and FrSky modules.