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STM32 F405 Processor, FrSky XSR receiver, telemetry, BetaFlight OSD, barometer & Blackbox, all in one flight controller.

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  • The XSRF4O is a great Flight Controller for advanced freestyle and race pilots. If your want to run Dshot 600 or 32bit ESC's your going to need an F4 based board to take full advantage of them.  The higher processing speeds of the F4 (Max looptime 32KHz) can handle the new high speed protocol ESC's (Dshot - 32bit) and still have enough processing power for extra things like OSD's or resource heavy, dynamic filtering. F4 boards often have more UARTs too. Another feature we like about this particular board is the solder pad layout. If you mount the board with the arrow facing forward, the USB will be on the side of the copter where it is easy to access. This also leaves the signal and ground pads located on each corner of the board properly oriented with the proper ESC when using the Betaflight motor layout.  I forgot to mention this board is also blackbox equipped, a very useful tool for understanding and learning to adjust PIDs. So there it is, the XSRF40; fewer wires to solder, saves weight, black box and OSD ready.

    The user manual can be found here.


    • Built-in F4 and XSR receiver module
    • Features the latest accelerometer, gyro and barometer sensor technology.
    • The XSRF40 contains a XSR full duplex telemetry receiver, connected via SBUS to the flight controller. The XSR is also capable of sending telemetry to the transmitter via Smart Port.
    • 6 PWM output signal lines for ESC's and servos. Arranged for easy wiring to standard pin headers.
    • Easily replaceable antennas connected via IPX sockets
    • OSD configuration has been included in Betaflight

    36x36mm (30.5mm hole spacing)

    STM32F405 MCU,SPI Sensor,MPU6000,OSD,SD

    16CH(8CH is RSSI)by SBUS to UART1 OF F4, Smart Port of XSR to UART6 of F4

    Operating Voltage
    4.0~10V (5V recommended)
    Operating Current
    FrSky Taranis X9D/X9E/Horus X12S/XJT in D16 mode