FSST 48 slope glider

A heavier, faster version of Fancy Foams SST
  • This Aerobatic wing was designed as a heavier version of the light weight SST glider. The FSST utilizes a heavier, more robust foam, thicker covering, stiffer spars as well as spar tubes for the elevons to create a faster, stiffer wing.

    The airfoil remains symmetrical for great inverted and aerobatic performance. The plan form was specifically designed for higher performance and stability.

    Kit comes with:

    • 2 CNC cut EPP wing cores.
    • Elevons are cut and beveled.
    • EPP vertical wing tips.
    • Carbon spars and push rods.
    • 12' of 5mil Laminating film covering.

    To download the instructions, click HERE.

    Airfoil -
    Wingspan 48"
    Wing Area 522 sq"
    Length -
    Empty Weight -
    RTF Weight 18oz.
    Tail Type None
    Recommended Setup


    • Recommended CG is 9.5" from the nose.
    • Flying weight is appx.18oz.


    • FrSky D4RII
    • (2) Emax ES09 Servos
    • 1000mAh AAA 4.8V NiMh or 2s 700 - 1000mAh LiPo