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G-Force - Freestyle/Long Range Receiver Antenna Mount


A very clean and attractive antenna mounting solution.

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      • G-Force designed this antenna mount for holding long range dipole antennas such as the ones used with the FrSky R9 Slim and the TBS Crossfire Micro for example. The vertical and horizontal placement is 90° providing good signal polarization.
          G-Force Designz Rx Antenna Mounts are designed and CNC manufactured in Canada using high grade billet aluminum alloys keeping the physical size as small and light as possible. All G-Force Designz antenna mounts incorporate a special side feed opening for the antenna leads, which allows for quick receiver replacement in the field.
      • Weight 2.3 grams
      • Uses 3mm antenna tubing
      • Stainless Steel fastener included
      • Precision CNC machining with an anodized finish
      • High grade aluminum alloys
      • Designed and made in Canada