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G-Force - Horizontal "V" Receiver Antenna Mount


Tougher than shrink tubed zip-ties and looks great too!

      • Most of us are used to the zip-tie / shrink tube method for mounting receiver antennas. It works well enough, but occasionally antennas still get chopped off or damaged. Using antenna tubes brings a bit more robustness to an antenna mounting system; using the G-Force antenna tube mounts makes it just that much better. They provide a solid mounting system that is easy to use, maintain and it looks pretty sweet too.
          G-Force Designz Rx Antenna Mounts are designed and CNC manufactured in Canada using high grade billet aluminum alloys; keeping the physical size as small and light as possible. All G-Force Designz antenna mounts incorporate a special side feed opening for the antenna leads, which allows for quick receiver replacement in the field.
      • Weight 2.4 grams
      • Sold individually
      • Uses 3mm antenna tubing
      • Stainless Steel fasteners included
      • Precision CNC machining with an anodized finish
      • High grade aluminum alloys
      • Designed and made in Canada