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G-Force - SMA Stubby VTX Mount


Add billet bling and secure antenna mounting to your multi using the G-Force Stubby VTX Mount.

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  • While any antenna style can be used with this mount, it was designed specifically to work with stubby antennas. To help improve crash resilience, the mount is designed to cushion the SMA connector between two o-rings giving the antenna and the SMA connector a little bit of wiggle room. The physical size of the mount is small and very light at 4 grams. 

    The antenna mount attachment system is pretty clever. The specially machined nut allows the use of either a 1/4 inch or 3mm mounting hole by flipping over the nut to fit the hole size you are going to use (see pictures). The wide nut disperses any impact loads over a greater surface area than a simple screw would be able to perform on its own.  

    G-Force Designz VTX Antenna Mounts are designed and CNC manufactured in Canada using high grade billet aluminum alloys.

    The antenna mount can be mounted on a horizontal surface with a 1/4 inch diameter hole or a single 3mm hole. The angled antenna mount provides 35° of angle of separation for the transmitter antenna, eliminating the need to bend it.

    • Rubber dampers included.
    • Stainless steel fastener included.
    • Precision CNC machined and a smooth durable anodized finish.
    • USA grade billet aluminum.
    • Designed and Made in Canada.