G-Force - Stealth Neckstrap Balancer for Taranis Q-X7

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Pass thru balance bar and switch safety for the Taranis Q-X7.

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  • Designed for the Taranis X7.

    Available in anodized silver and black.

    The G-Force Neckstrap Stealth Balancer is designed to bolt onto the Taranis Q-X7 radio, allowing easy access to the on/off button. The low profile mount is sleek looking and provides an ideal balance point for the transmitter.

    G-Force Neckstrap Stealth Balancer features include:

    Easy access to on/off switch.

    Ideal balance for the Taranis Q-X7.

    Precision CNC machining and finished in a durable anodized finish.

    USA Grade aluminum.

    100% Designed and Made in Canada.


    Included in the package:

    G-Force Neckstrap Stealth Balancer.

    Stainless Steel mounting hardware.

    Installation Instructions.

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