G-Force Stealth Neck Strap Balancers for Taranis X9D

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Pass thru balance bar and switch safety for the Taranis and Taranis Plus transmitters.

  • For Taranis X9D.  Available in anodized black and silver.  The G-Force Neckstrap Stealth Balancer is designed to bolt onto a Taranis or Taranis Plus radio, providing access to the on/off switch while simultaneously preventing unintended shutdown of the radio. The balancer provides an ideal radio balance for thumb and pinch flying.

    G-Force Neckstrap Stealth Balancer features include:

    • Easy access to on/off switch.
    • Ideal balance point for the Taranis and Taranis Plus.
    • Precision CNC machining and a smooth durable anodized finish.
    • USA Grade aluminum.
    • 100% Designed and Made in Canada.

    Included in the package:

    • G-Force Neckstrap Stealth Balancer.
    • Stainless Steel mounting hardware.
    • Installation Instructions.
  • Customer Reviews

    Does not fit well.

    Bought two, one for Taranis, one for Taranis Plus. Requires case dis-assembly to install (not hard, but should be known). Unit does not quite fit, machined a little too long and support leg a bit too high - 3 sides don't quite touch case for support. Design makes for a "hole" to reach in for switch use, by having it not flush just makes it harder to access the switch. Older design, which has been on backorder for a long time, appears to be a better alternative. Review by sande005 • (Posted on 1/14/2018)

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