Gens Ace 2S 1200mAh 25C Airsoft

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A uniquely shaped 2s LiPo. Long and skinny.

  • Intended for use in Airsoft guns, this lipo sports a very different shape than we are used to in the RC aircraft world, we love them for long skinny nosed gliders.

    A battery of this shape can be used in smaller, sleeker fuselages and opens up new possibilities. Great for gliders!

    Currently these are only available with a Deans plug, we suggest upgrading to a better connector! Perhaps an XT30 or XT60.

    Gens Ace batteries have been designed to a higher tolerance level than your typical hobby grade battery. If you are looking for a reliable battery to power your latest creation, Gens Ace will work well for you.  A solid performing battery at a great price.


    Nominal Voltage7.4V
    Nominal Capacity1200mAh
    Standard Charge Rate1.2A (1C)
    Cell TypeLiPo
    Cell Count2
    Connector TypeDeans
    Wire Gauge 16 AWG
    Wire/Plug Length100mm
    Balance Connector TypeJST XHR
    Discharge Rate25C