Gens Ace 3000 3S 15C Deans

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A solid battery for powering larger FPV rigs or charging smaller batteries in the field.

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  • Gens Ace Lipo Batteries offer an excellent combination of weight, power, and performance. This batteries 15C rating and low price makes it an excellent candidate for powering larger FPV craft. For instance,10 of these batteries in parallel  would yield a 30,000mAh pack which could power a large FPV plane (8-10 foot span) for approximately 2 - 2.5hrs of flight.

    This pack also makes a good portable power source for charging smaller packs in the field. 

    Number of Cells 3
    Nominal Voltage11.1
    Discharge C Rating15
    Max Burst C Rating30
    Weight207 grams
    Dimensions106x 33 x 24mm
    Power ConnectorDeans
    Power Wire Gauge-
    Balance ConnectorJST-XHR-4P

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