Gens Ace 3S 3300mAh 50C XT60

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A solid 50c rated battery for an aircraft or RC car.

  • Note: This battery is shipped without the XT60 connector soldered to the power wires. Both a male and a female XT60 connector are included with this battery.

    Gens Ace is one of the top ranked battery corporations with extensive experience manufacturing NIMH, LI-PO and LI-FE batteries. Gens Ace employs over 200 professional engineers and technicians and has been manufacturing exotic battery technologies for over 20 years. The Gens Ace philosophy embraces the traditional concepts of excellence and quality.  

    Gens Ace batteries have been designed to a higher tolerance level than your typical hobby grade battery. If you are looking for a reliable battery to power your latest creation, Gens Ace will work well for you.  A solid performing battery at a great price.

    Dimensions136.5x 42.5 x 21.6mm (5.3x1.6x.85in)
    Weight267g (9.4oz)
    Nominal Voltage11.1
    Nominal Capacity mAh3300
    Standard Charge mA3300 (1C)
    Cell TypeLithium Polymer
    Connector TypeXT 60
    Wire Gauge12 ga
    Wire / Plug Length120mm (4.7in)
    Balance ConnectorJST-XH
    Discharge Rate50C