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Gens Ace Adventure 3S HV 3600mAh 50C XT60


A solid 50c rated battery for an aircraft or RC car.

  • Increased material quality and better engineering makes these batteries even more powerful! Unlike standard LiPo packs that can only be charged to 4.20v per cell, these "LiHV" batteries can be charged to 4.35v per cell, making your latest creation fly faster and for longer thanks to the increased capacity and their compact size allows them to fit into many airframes.

    Gens Ace batteries have been designed to a higher tolerance level than your typical hobby grade battery. If you are looking for a reliable battery to power your latest creation, Gens Ace will work well for you.  A solid performing battery at a great price.

    Note: The Gens Ace Adventure 3S HV 3600mAh now comes with an XT60 plug and XT60 to Deans adapter.


    Cell Count (LiPo HV)3s
    Discharge Rate50C
    Max Burst Discharge Rate100C
    Weight214 grams