GliderKeeper Altitude & TimeKeeper


More than just another FAI altimeter.

  • The GliderKeeper competition altimeter and time keeper brings more simplicity to your F5J competitions. While it may look like another FAI altimeter, it comes packed with all sorts of useful features that the others don't have. 

    For example, to time your flights accurately, the flight timer is started upon throttle movement at launch and ended right at the moment you touch down, thanks to the built in accelerometer. 

    View your flight results on the built in OLED screen or switch the GliderKeeper into WiFi mode which allows you to view your results and or configure the device on your smartphone or tablet. Set the altitude your motor shuts off at, setup logging, update firmware and more, all without removing the unit from your aircraft.

    Dimensions 53 x 24.5 x 5.8 mm
    Cable Length200mm
    Operating Voltage4.8-8.4v 
    Current Draw<20-200mA
    Barometric Pressure Sensor Specifications 300-1250 hPa, 8 Pa. Rel accuracy (0,6m)
    Accelerometer sensor Specifications12 bit / + 8g range.
    Memory Storage148 flights or 5 Flight hours
    WiFi802.11 b/g/n WPA/2