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Hitec D145SW - 6.0Kg (83.78 oz in), .014/sec 24g

A heavy duty, programable wing servo from Hitec.
  • Hitec presents the D145SW slim wing servo. At 10mm thick, it'll be perfect for all kinds of high performance gliders and airplanes with super thin, slippery wings. Inside is a powerful 3 pole carbon brushed motor turning a robust set of plastic and steel gears and the output spline is supported by two quality ball bearings. There's also a 32 bit digital circuit, which is able to be programmed with one of Hitec's servo programming cards. It also features plenty of torque, fair speed and a wide voltage range. It even includes its own servo tray for easy mounting.

    Included accessories are:

    • Mounting Hardware including servo tray
    • 1x Single output arm


    Servo TypeDigital
    Gear TypePlastic/Metal
    Stall Torque0.8Kg-cm (11.10 oz-in) @3.8V
    1.5Kg-cm (20.83 oz-in) @6.0V
    1.8Kg-cm (24.99 oz-in) @8.4V

    Operating Voltage4.8-7.4v