Hitec Minima compatible 8CH Receiver (A-FHSS Compatible)

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These receivers are a great for Hitec A-FHSS radio systems. They have excellent performance and offer additional features. This receiver is also HV (high voltage) capable featuring an input voltage range of just 3 volts all the way up to 16 volts!
  • Compatible with all HiTec A-FHSS transmitters that support the HiTec Minima recievers.

    The reciever can output both RSSI and a PPM signal, making it a great choice for FPV and copter pilots. The RSSI can be sent to an OSD for your on screen data needs, and the PPM signal can output all 8 channels to a single lead for a nice clean connection to a flight controller.

    Receiver specifications:

           Operating Voltage Range: 3.0V-16V (HV Version)   

           Operating Current: 30mA

           Specified Range: 1.5km-2.5km

           Resolution: 3072

           Latency: 22ms

           Number of Channels: 8CH

           Dimensions: 49mm×24.5mm×15 mm

           Weight: 9.3g


    *Note: This unit is not designed, manufactured or supported by Hitec, nor is it a copy of a Hitec receiver.

  • Customer Reviews

    Great Hitec Receiver option

    I have been flying two of these receivers with an Aurora 9X for a couple of years and they have been rock solid with range that is much farther than I can comfortably fly a plane. I have used these in .40 size glow, electric and 30-55CC gas planes all to good effect. They bind quickly and easily, so what else could I ask for. Review by texastbird • (Posted on 7/1/2017)

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