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Hitec Optima 9 (9 Channel Telemetry Receiver)

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A powerful 9 channel receiver from Hitec.

  • Designed for larger aircraft, this powerful, full range receiver features AFHSS technology and the Smart Scan function, which works by scanning the entire 2.4GHz spectrum and picks out the cleanest frequencies to operate on, ensuring great reliability.  It also features a Telemetry port and the SPC Port (Supplementary Power Connection) which allows you to supplement your ESC's internal BEC by tapping the receiver into your flight battery and takes some of the load off of it to help prevent brownouts. 


    Dimensions48.7 x 28.9 x 15.4mm
    Number of Channels9
    Operating Voltage Range3.7-9.0v (4.8-35V if using SPC function)