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Horus X12S

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The Horus (X12S) is FrSky's flagship transmitter and the crowning jewel is its 4.3 inch, TFT color display and other top end parts. This radio is made to impress!

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Horus X12S

Horus X12S Silver

Horus X12S

Horus X12S Space Grey

Horus X12S

Horus X12S Texture

  • Horus X12S

     You can have peace of mind when you purchase your Horus from Aloft. We have you covered with our exclusive 12 month, parts and labor warranty.

    The Horus is FrSky's flagship transmitter and the X12S' crowning jewel is its 4.3 inch, TFT color display. The 480 x 272 transflective display produces sharp, colorful images and can be viewed in direct sunlight (no kidding). The display in concert with a rotary encoder and 6 well placed, tactile pushbuttons allow swift navigation and adjustment of the various menus and their contents. If you have previously been a Taranis user you will truly appreciate the speed and ease of programming the Horus.

    Ergonomically the new design has a very nice, weighty feel. Its greater width and heft inspires an immediate sensation of quality and in my opinion is very comfortable to hold in the hand. 

    The gimbals are no doubt FrSky's best yet. They are CNC milled aluminum with 6 ball bearings and magnet / hall effect sensors (no more potentiometers). Steel cross bars pivoting on ball bearings and sporting a teflon contact surface give the gimbals a very positive feel around center and a silky smooth transition out to the edge.

    The Switches and pots are also high quality units. The switches have a satisfying movement and click, while the pots and sliders are buttery smooth, enhancing the overall feel.  

    The most important aspect for any transmitter is maintaining a rock solid connection with the receiver. FrSky is well known for its frequency hopping ACCST technology taking advantage of the entire 2.4GHz band resulting in excellent range and reliability. 

    Are you heavily invested in another RF system? No worries, the Horus has a JR style receptacle in its back that accepts modules for other transmitting protocols. In the model setup you tell the system that you are using an external module, and it shuts down the internal FrSky module. Now you can use your Futaba, Spektrum, JR, Aisin, and other receivers if you have a transmitter module that fits in a JR style module bay.

    If you are heavily invested in the FrSky system you will be pleased to know that the Horus is compatible with most of FrSky's Telemetry and non-Telemetry components, receivers as well as sensors.

    Last but not least, the most unique feature of the Horus, is it's ability to run two different operating systems. The Horus comes loaded with FrSky's  FrTX OS.  An intuitive, easy to program, menu driven operating system.  Advanced users will probably want to install OpenTX. The developers at Open TX have created a visually stunning and feature rich operating system for the Horus. The OpenTX firmware can be found here.  Both operating systems are being continually developed and will contribute additional features and capabilities to the Horus as time goes on. 


    • 16 channels (32 channels when combined with an external XJT module)
    • CNC Aluminum - 6 ball bearing, gimbals equipped with hall effect sensors 
    • High Resolution TFT, Transflective Screen, visible in direct sunlight
    • Antenna malfunction detection and SWR telemetry
    • Audible Speech Alerts (values, alarms, settings, etc.)
    • Safety power switch cover with integrated strap attachment point
    • Two types of trainer ports
    • 6 position encoder 
    • MP3 Player
    • FrSky FrTX OS
    • Option to install OpenTX OS
    • Stereo Speakers
    • Protected Internal Antenna
    • Internal GPS
    • JR Style Module Bay
    • 16MB on Board Flash Memory
    • Full Telemetry · RSSI indication and alarms 
    • USB and SD card slot for system expansion 
    • Data Logging 
    * The optional SD card (used to store MP3 files) is not supplied with the Horus, you will need to purchase it separately.