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HPH Twin Shark Hand Launch Glider Kit


Introducing the Twin Shark hand launch glider designed by Heisbok.

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  • Whether you are intrigued by small free flight gliders or just enjoy a relaxed building experience, we think you will like this kit.

    There are basically no instructions accompanying this kit but the full size assembly drawing is rich with detail and provides ample clues to assembly. You should have some balsa model building experience before attempting this build.

    The laser cutting on this kit is top notch, so is Heisboks' choice of wood. All of the kits parts have been precut; reducing the workload and making this kit a fairly quick and easy build.

    The fuselage has been shaped to resemble the full size Twin Shark composite glider and is constructed of three layers of wood. The middle panel has an opening in it that becomes a ballast chamber that you pour steel shot into to balance and adjust the cg. The steel shot is even included in the kit.  The wings are solid balsa and need to be sanded to an airfoil shape. There is a line laser etched onto the tops of each wing. Those lines are guides that tell you where the high point of the wing profile belongs while you are sanding the wings to shape. The included drawing has a detail that shows the profile of the wing during each stage of sanding. The rest of the build is pretty straight forward.

    Wingspan545mm (21.4in)
    Length500mm (19.7)
    Weight43g (1.5oz)