ISDT BC-8S Lipo Cell Meter

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Multi function cell meter with a OLED display.

  • ISDT has grown a reputation for designing high quality gear and the BC-8S is no exception. 

    Inside this cell meter, resides an ARM 32bit processor connected to a multi channel differential measurement circuit. This circuit provides fast, accurate voltage detection which is presented to you on a high resolution OLED display.

    The BC-8S has three voltage display screens. The first screen displays a voltage for each of the connected cells. The second screen contains more information in the form of a battery graphic that shows charge capacity in percentage, the lowest cell voltage and the total pack voltage. The third screen displays individual cell voltages as a bar graph as well as numerically and can also be used to monitor / measure the condition of a lipo pack by recording the deepest voltage sag on each of the cells during flight. That information is then presented visually in the bar graph and can provide early detection of a weak cell.

    The BC-8S is also equipped with a number of alarms that activate a beeper as well as flashing red lights when triggered. A high voltage alarm, a low voltage alarm, a voltage difference alarm (voltage difference between cells) and finally a location beeper alarm for finding lost aircraft. All of the aforementioned alarms have user definable parameters.

    If you are curious and would like to know more, here is a link to the instruction manual.


    • Weight:   15g
    • Size:       54 x 30 x9mm
    • Compatible Battery Types:  LiPo, LiHv, LiFe
    • Minimum Working Voltage:    2.6V (1s)
    • Voltage range: 1 - 5 V (per cell)
    • Measurement Accuracy:   ± 5mV
    • Reverse Voltage Protected (Will not be damaged if plugged in backwards)