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ISDT FD100 Smart Discharger

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80 Watts of discharge power!

  • Why discharge? read-on.

    Lipo batteries are chemically stressed when fully charged, it's just the nature of the beast. If left fully charged long enough, the battery chemistry begins to breakdown; this leads to reduced maximum amperage output (C rating) as well as a reduction in overall mAh capacity. When a discharged Lipo's individual cell voltages are near 3.8V ( storage voltage); the battery chemistry is said to be closer to equilibrium and the rate of chemistry degradation slows down. This is in short, why it is recommended not to leave Lipo's fully charged for long periods of time. 

    Of course, the most ideal way of discharging our batteries is to fly them, but sometimes circumstances leave us with a box of charged batteries.  Many battery chargers have a discharge function but discharge very slowly. They lack the necessary components to conduct a high wattage discharge. The FD-100 has high wattage resistors, heat sinks and the necessary cooling fan to do the job, all in a reasonable amount of time.


    The FD-100 is very easy to use, just connect your battery, set the number of cells and the discharge current and the FD-100 will take over. It will discharge the battery to 3.8V per cell*. Once the discharge cycle is complete the FD-100 shuts down and your battery is safe, even if left connected.   

    57mm x 120mm x 43mm
    Maximum Discharge Rate
    Minimum Input Voltage
    Maximum Input Voltage
    Battery Cells
    Auto Shut Off After Discharge
    Rogue Voltage Alarm
    Incorrect Cell Number Setting Alarm
    Yes, Alarm then auto shutdown
    Beeper Intensity

    *The final discharge voltage per cell can be changed by plugging the discharger into a PC using the ISDT SC Linker cable. 

    Note: The input plug for the discharger is an XT60 if you are using another plug style (deans etc.) you will need make/buy an adapter cable. 

    Batteries not included.