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ISDT H605 Air

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Small. Simple. Capable.

Control this battery charger using your phone.

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  • ISDT is known for providing battery chargers with nice color displays and easy to navigate menus. ISDT is now offering this very compact, single button, charger that has no display at all. The H605 Air is controlled via a cell phone app that allows adjustment of the charger in a fashion very similar to ISDT's other chargers. The App has the ability to control more than one charger, we are not sure how many but ISDT's demonstration video shows four connected at once. 

    One Press Charging.

    The H605 Air can also be used without the app, just set up your desired charge parameters in the One-Click start menu and from there you can charge your packs with one click of the button. 

    Check out this video, it is a great introduction to this charger.

    The included operating instruction sheet provides QR codes for downloading the app to your phone. Works with Android & iOS.


    Input Voltage Range10~27VDC
    Output Voltage Range0.5~5.0A
    Output Current Range0.1~5.0A
    Maximum Output Power50W
    Supported Battery ChemistriesLiFe/Lilon/LiPo/LiHv(1-6s)-NiMH/Cd(1-16s)-Pb(1-12s)
    Maximum no. of Cells that can be balanced6s
    Balance Current250mA
    USB Power Output5V-1A
    App CompatibilityAndroid 5.0 / iOS 10.3 and above
    Supported Bluetooth VersionsBLE 4.0 and above

    Available in Black only at this time.