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ISDT PC - 4860

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The PC-4860 Safe Parallel Adapter. Copious use of fuses and built like a tank.

  • ISDT seems to be quickly becoming the Apple of Lipo battery chargers. The PC-4860 Safe Parallel Adapter is no exception. The 4860's case is machined from a solid billet of aluminum and provides excellent protection and heat dissipation for the internal circuit board.

    The well designed balance port openings make it very difficult to accidentally plug in a balance lead backwards; should you manage to do so, the circuit board will provide protection for itself, your batteries and your charger via 32, self-resetting fuses that not only protect the battery as a whole, but the individual cells as well.

    You can connect the Parallel adapter to your charger using the included 19 cm, XT60 extension and the 15cm, 6s balance extension cables.


    • Max Input Current: 40A
    • Max Output Current: 30A/Port
    • Max Balance Current: 2A
    • Size: 88x58x20mm
    • Weight: 210g
    • Balance Cells: 1-8s
    • Power Plug Type: XT60