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ISDT UC4 Single Cell 4 Place Charger

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Smart Charger UC4.
  • Charge your 1s tiny whoop batteries with this super fancy aluminum / magnesium cased, 4 place charger from ISDT. This is not a parallel board but a 4 place charger with independent charge controllers for each battery. The UC4 charger uses an USB C input (cable included) and can deliver a maximum of 1.5A at the output. Three charge rates are available: 0.5 - 1.0 and 1.5 amps. The indicator lights at each charge sockets blink to relay the charge state of each battery and the large LED above the current selection button changes color to indicate selected charge output amperage. The included instruction go into more detail on the operation of the UC4.

    NOTE:  To charge HV batteries (4.35V) a firmware update is required.

    Input ConnectionUSB Type-C
    Input VoltageDC 5~9V
    Supported Charge ModesBC1.2  - QC2.0  - QC3.0
    Input Power18W max (9V/2A)
    Selectable Charge Currents0.5A - 1.0A - 1.5A
    Battery TypeLiPo 4.2V 1s
    Charge SocketPH 2.0 (MCPX)
    Dimensions55.1 x 34.9 x 11.8mm