Knief Racer Carbon

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A plane to satisfy your need for speed
  • The Knief Racer is a 1 meter, composite pylon racer that's sure to turn heads at your local flying field. Using lightweight, yet super strong carbon fiber in its construction, the Knief Racer can slice through the air at blistering speeds. It's a simple build with it's low part count and should be easy for the experienced R/C pilot, but there is some filing and sanding to be done for the wing and horizontal stabilizer to fit properly. 

    Our light, 3s setup gave us outstanding results and resulted in a fast, yet tame, almost docile airplane that refused to show any bad tendencies. Our 4s setup reached in excess of 200mph. The fuselage has plenty of room for a variety of motors and batteries and the wing is held on using a pair of bolts, which are screwed into nuts housed inside the composite layup.

    See the build thread HERE for more detail.

    Length64cm (25")
    Weight255 grams

    The suggested motor can be a beast in this plane. If this is your first plane of this style, I would suggest that you start with a much lighter motor and battery. The suggested Typhoon EDF 2W-23 on a 3S battery utilizing the APC 5.5x6.5 prop should push you up to around 100mph and probably more while drawing around 50-60 amps. Once you are happy with the planes configuration, you can go to a 5S or even 6S battery and adjust the prop size down to keep within the systems limitations and you will see a big speed boost. But be careful not to let the magic smoke out!

    You can save a good bit of weight and still have a ton of fun with the Typhoon EDF 3W motor, a 3S battery, and the APC 5.25x6.25EC Carbon Electric prop in this airframe. This will draw about 45 amps typically.

    CG is 42-47mm back from the leading edge.