KST A20-3813 Brushless Servo 43Kgcm 8.4V

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When it has to perform.

  • The torque of a brushless motor combined with the strength of hardened steel and phosphor bronze gears make the A20-3813 a powerhouse of a servo. No matter whether you fly jets, drift cars, or torture 3D planes you need high end servos. Here's one to consider.

    Nominal Operating Voltage7.4VDC
    Operating Voltage Range6.0~8.4VDC
    Torque @ 6.0V30Kg.cm
    Torque @ 7.4V38Kg.cm
    Torque @ 8.4V43Kg.cm
    Speed @ 6.0V0.15sec/60°
    Speed @ 7.4V0.13sec/60°
    Speed @ 8.4V0.12sec/60°
    Travel Angle±50° 1000-2000µs
    Operating Temperature Range-20°C ~ +65°C
    Signal Voltage HighTTL-Level: High min.3.3V, max.5.0V
    Signal Voltage LowTTL-Level: Low min.0.0V, max. 1.5V
    Pulse Length900~2100µs
    Pulse Length for Positions -50°/center/+50°1000µs / 1500µs / 2000µs
    Case MaterialAluminum
    Motor TypeBrushless
    Gear MaterialHardened Steel and Phosphor Bronze
    Position SensorPotentiometer
    Position FeedbackOptional
    Connecting Cable22AWG
    Dimensions40.5 x 20 x 38mm