KST BLS 805X HV Brushless - 7.5Kg, .039/sec - Heli Tail Servo


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For 550-800 size helis
  • Well what can I say, this is a beautiful servo. Designed to operate the tail rotor pitch in 550-800 competition level 3D helicopters, the BLS 805 is excellent inside and out. It's fast .039sec/60°; Strong 7.5Kg.cm. and it handles 8.4 volts. It has as a redesigned, low EMF circuit board and a high-end Namiki brushless motor. You get smooth precise operation in a nearly bulletproof package.

    Operating Voltage6.0 ~ 8.4V DC
    Torque @ 6.0V5.5kg.cm
    Torque @ 7,4V6.5kg.cm
    Torque @ 8.4V7.5kg.cm
    Speed @ 6.0V.048sec / 60°
    Speed @ 7.4V.042sec / 60°
    Speed @ 8.4V.039sec / 60°
    Travel Angle+ 45° between 1000-2000us
    Operating Temperature Range-10°C ~ +65°C

    Working Frequency 760us / 560Hz
    Motor TypeBrushless
    Output Shaft SupportDual Ball Bearing