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KST DS245S Servo - 2.2Kg (30.5 oz in), .09/sec  - only 9 Grams!

KST DS245S Servo - 2.2Kg (30.5 oz in), .09/sec - only 9 Grams!


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KST DS245S Servo - 2.2Kg (30.5 oz in), .09/sec - only 9 Grams!

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KST's new tiny alloy servo, the DS245S is just 8mm wide and weighs just 9 grams.

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KST has another awesome servo with the KST245S. This is a great choice for any application where you need a thin, accurate, small and light servo. It is hard to beat this servo! 

A great choice for DLGs, HLGS, small electrics and lighter gliders up to about 2 meter wing spans. This little servo will blow you away with its performance, looks and low price. 

Update October 2014 - KST tells us these servos are now rated for up to 9 volts! That makes this a very wide range voltage servo. 

Additional Information

Servo Type Digital
Gear Type Metal
Stall Torque 2.2Kg.cm@6V, 1.25Kg.cm@3.8V
Speed .09sec/60°@6V, .12sec/60°@3.8V
Voltage Rating 3.8V to 9V, Working Frequence: 1520us/333Hz, 900us-2100us, 7mm coreless motor
Dimensions 23.5 mm wide x 8 mm thick x 20 mm high
Weight 9 g / 0.31 oz
  1. Fast and smooth... review by Paul on 7/18/2016

    Great little servo, running on a 5 cell pack in my D40 (ailerons and flaps), great power and quality for the price. Love them.

  2. Fast/smooth - striped gear review by Orlando on 5/14/2015

    Installed four of these servos on my Helios hand launch about months ago. After about four flying days one Aileron servo gear striped. Just about lost my glider but walked away with a hairline fracture on my fuse. Easy repair. Why the gear striped has me concerned. I know I didn't stress the servo while it was on or off. Dunno!

    I am going to swap the Ailerons for the KST X08.

  3. Fast, smooth, and quiet. review by ufoDziner on 4/17/2015

    I was looking for servos for a 35" foamy (LightRC Rebel Z). Light (9g or less), fast, digital and hv capable were the qualities I was looking for. After many comparisons, I always came back these, so I ordered 4.

    They are currently running on 5.5v from my bec. At this voltage they are incredibly smooth, fast, and quiet. Their performance is well worth the $$.

    I have run them on 2s lipo voltage as well. At the higher voltage, they were faster and almost notchy. I don't think this is really a servo issue as much is they are moving with the radio at such a high rate that they reflect every tiny twitch. They seemed to sound a bit louder with the higher voltage as well, but again, that could be just from how fast they move.

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