KST DS565X - 6.0Kg .04sec Heli Tail

A very quick narrow band tail rotor servo for 450 ~ 500 class Helos.
  • Put some extra whirly in your bird with KST's DS565X tail servo. This mini sized servos got CNC'd aluminum cases, all metal gears, coreless motor, dual BB's on the output shaft and handles 8.4 volts. 

    This is a narrow band (760us) servo, and so you'll want to be sure that your that your gyro is compatible.

    Operating Voltage6.0 ~ 8.4V DC
    Torque @ 6.0V4kg.cm 
    Torque @ 7,4V5kg.cm
    Torque @ 8.4V6kg.cm 
    Speed @ 6.0V0.06sec / 60°
    Speed @ 7.4V0.05sec / 60°
    Speed @ 8.4V0.04sec / 60°
    Travel Angle
    Operating Temperature Range

    Dimensions35.5x15x32.5mm (mini)
    Working Frequency 760us
    Motor Type15mm Coreless
    Output Shaft SupportDual Ball Bearing