KST X15-755X 10.2Kg 0.04sec Mini Tail Rotor Servo

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Tail Rotor Servo

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  • Great for 325~425 size helis'. This servo requires that the helicopter gyro have the ability to drive a 760µs servo.

    Super fast and great torque to boot the X15-755X has CNC'd aluminum cases, hardened steel gears, dual ball bearings, coreless motor and can handle 8.4V.

    This is a 760µs narrow pulse servo and will not operate correctly if connected to typical RC transmitter / receiver set.

    Nominal Operating Voltage7.4VDC
    Operating Voltage Range6.0~8.4VDC
    Torque @ 6.0V7.2Kg.cm
    Torque @ 7.4V9.0Kg.cm
    Torque @ 8.4V10.2Kg.cm
    Speed @ 6.0V0.06sec/60°
    Speed @ 7.4V0.05sec/60°
    Speed @ 8.4V0.04sec/60°
    Travel Angle±50° 1000-2000µs
    Operating Temperature-20°C ~ +65°C
    Pulse Width450 ~ 1050µs
    Operating Frequency760µs /560Hz
    Resolution≤ 2µs
    Case MaterialAluminum
    Motor TypeCoreless
    Gear MaterialHardened Steel
    Position SensorPotentiometer
    Position FeedbackOptional
    Connecting Cable26awg
    Case Dimensions35.5x15x32.5mm