Lead Shot Soft Weights

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How many uses can you think of for these soft weights?

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  • Soft Weights are indispensable in the shop. Hold your wings flat on the work table while the glue sets or immobilize the sides of your fuselage, while you finesse the bulkheads into place. The list goes on and on, and I know you get the idea.

    The pouches are constructed from a heavy nylon mesh and are double sewn around the edges, similar to a flat fell seam on a pair of jeans. The pouches are each filled with one pound of #4, Antimony hardened lead shot.

    • The bags measure approx. 90x100mm (3.5x3.9in.).
    • Pouches weigh one pound each
    • Sold individually

     A cautionary note:

    When handling lead filled mesh bags, the potential for having small amounts of lead on your hands afterward is significant. Washing your hands thoroughly post use, will greatly reduced your chances of lead ingestion.