Lilienthal 32 Advanced Free Flight Glider

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This one has auto rudder!

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    This is the Aero-naut Lilienthal 32 Free Flight Glider. It is intended to be launched from a light duty High Start or it can be hand towed. This model has been designed with an auto rudder feature. Once the glider has reached altitude the tow line falls away from the glider and that activates the the auto rudder which gently banks the aircraft into a spiraling turn that helps keep the glider over the flying field or coring a thermal!

    What's the build like? Pretty straight forward. There are many included jigs in the kit that remove many of the difficulties normally associated with balsa builds. The wing is an open bottom design, preventing the need to cover the wings.

    As always Aero-naut kits are very well designed, use quality materials and components and their instruction manuals are clear and concise. Many simple jigs are included with the kit that make assembly easy and accurate. This kit is simple enough to be attempted by young folks, especially with a little help from the tall people.

    Wing Span1.190m (46.8in)
    Length750mm (29.5in)
    Flying Weight200g (7oz)
    Wing Loading12gdm2 (3.9oz sqft)
    AirfoilJedelsky EJ85 modified