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FrSky M7 Hall Effect Gimbal

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The M7 Hall Effect Gimbal for the Taranis Q-X7.

  • The Q X7 is without a doubt an incredible value for the money. However, like the Taranis, in time the performance of the X7's potentiometer based gimbals will begin to deteriorate. Fortunately FrSky decided to bring the M7 gimbal to market so we can upgrade our Q X7's. So now, not only can we have a very affordable transmitter empowered with OpenTX, we also can have gimbals that outperform anything in this price range.

    The new gimbal sports a nicely machined aluminum faceplate that is reminiscent of the Horus gimbal. It retains the metal cross bars; the X/Y axes ride on 4 ball bearings and have adjustable spring tensioners and throttle ratchets. The gimbal is designed with crossbar lock outs for both axes; useful, if you need to do a custom setup or setup a gimbal for throttle duty.

    The M-7 has also been designed with a hollow stick allowing the use of switched stick ends or some other convenience of your choosing.

    Sold individually...


    The gimbals are plug and play, no need to cut wires or add/change plugs. 


    • Supply Voltage: DC 3.0~±0.5V
    • Sensitivity: 2.50mV/G
    • Linear Output Voltage Range: 0.1~(VCC +0.1)V
    • Quiescent Output (TA=25°C, B=0G): 0.5 x VCC
    • Noise (no load): ≤ 40 mVpp


    • High Sensitivity Hall sensors
    • 4 ball-bearings
    • Adjustable tension
    • Enable / disable centering on both axes and ratcheting on the Y axis 
    • Compatible with FrSky M4 stick end options