M9 Gimbal Kit for the X9E

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Hall Effect Gimbals for your X9E 

  • You longer need to use expensive Horus gimbals to upgrade your E.  Now you can use the more affordable M9 gimbals to make your flight experience the best it can be.  Just install the M9s with the supplied rings and screws and re flash the firmware with the Horus sticks option and you are flying magnetically!

    Kit contains: 

    2  M9 Hall Effect Gimbals

    2  Spacer rings

    8  Gimbal screws


    1. Set up a gimbal to use as a throttle gimbal with the screw supplied with the gimbal.
    2. Remove the back of the radio.
    3. Unplug the battery   
    4. Unplug and remove the stock gimbals.
    5. Install the spacer rings in holes where the stock gimbals were.
    6. Set the gimbals in place with the sensors facing away from the center trim switches and secure with the provided screws.  (The stock gimbal screws are too short.)
    7. Plug in the new gimbals.
    8. Plug in the battery.
    9. Replace the back of the radio.
    10. Make sure that you have companion 2.2 on your computer.  Flash the radio with OpenTx 2.2. Check the horussticks option that is found in the Settings - Radio Profile - Radio Type - Build Options tab in the build options section.
    11. Have fun!

  • Customer Reviews

    Nice Package

    Nice package. Easy to install once you get that #$%# screw to take tension off the throttle stick.
    Couple of observations.
    Had to replace the zip ties on the wire bundle to get the wires away from the tension bars.
    Wires going to the vertical trim switches could be a little longer.
    Would recommend. Review by bigbobed • (Posted on 12/2/2017)

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