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The M9 Hall Effect Gimbal for the Taranis and Taranis Plus.

  • FrySky has responded to the issues surrounding the stock Taranis gimbal by designing a new gimbal that employs hall effect sensors rather than potentiometers. 

    The new gimbal sports a nicely machined aluminum faceplate that is reminiscent of the Horus gimbal. It retains the metal cross bars; the X/Y axes ride on 4 ball bearings and have adjustable spring tensioners and throttle ratchets. The gimbal is designed with crossbar lock outs for both axes, if you need to do a custom setup or setup a gimbal for throttle duty.

    The M-9 also has been designed with a hollow stick allowing the use of switched stick ends or some other contrivance of joyful convenience.

    The gimbals are plug and play, no need to cut wires and add or change plugs. Sold individually.


    • Supply Voltage: DC 3.0~±0.5V
    • Sensitivity: 2.50mV/G
    • Linear Output Voltage Range: 0.1~(VCC +0.1)V
    • Quiescent Output (TA=25°C, B=0G): 0.5 x VCC
    • Noise (no load): ≤ 40 mVpp


    • High Sensitivity Hall sensors
    • 4 ball-bearings
    • Adjustable tension
    • Enable / disable centering on both axes and ratcheting on the Y axis 
  • Customer Reviews

    X9D Upgrade your Gimbals With These

    just like butter this is a must have upgrade for the x9d
    hands down the smoothest gimbal and aloft hobbies is a rock solid company Review by tooey • (Posted on 3/9/2018)

    Must have!

    Fits my Taranis (not plus) perfectly. Centering feels much nicer now. Must have upgrade! Review by midnight xyzw • (Posted on 8/28/2017)

    Great Gimbals!

    Easy installation with FrSky YouTube video. However, be careful that you pay attention to how the main plug is connected to motherboard, left is backward from the right and you have to turn the plug around...it's fairly obvious when you look closely but the FrSky video only shows one side being installed so it didn't address that issue. The gimbals didn't feel that much better until I was actually flying and then they felt much more accurate in tracking the plane and with the throttle. Review by Russ • (Posted on 6/6/2017)

    Great up-grade

    These are sweet! The original Taranis gimbals are pretty good. These are perfect! Smooth as silk, and centers at 0.0 every time! Ten minutes to replace both gimbals. As usual, Aloft Hobbies is the best! Review by Griff • (Posted on 3/7/2017)

    Amazing quality - made my Taranis into a new radio

    The interface between my fingers my radio is everything! The M9 gimbals make the radio feel like it's an extension of my hands. They are perfectly smooth, and center perfectly with absolutely no hysteresis. Without looking it would be impossible to tell that my Taranis is not a >$1000 radio while it's in use. Installation was very simple - and if there is any question Frsky prepared a little video showing the installation. https://youtu.be/4v3xhhjqOmY Review by Phat Daddy • (Posted on 1/29/2017)

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